Neck Gators

For colors please use Black, Tan, Brown, Camo, Dark Green or Navy

If you are so inclined, add a drawstring to the top and it will double as a hat. (not necessary)

Materials needed:
Polyester fleece (13" X 23")
Polyester Thread

On this one it's important to have the stretch in the right direction. If it isn't the gaiter will be a little uncomfortable and will not fit over head. Must cut on the
stretch <-------------------------------23 inches ------------------------->

Cut the fleece as shown.
1. Sew the top with about a 3/4 to I" fold. ***
2. Repeat with the bottom.
3. Sew the edges together so all seams are on the inside. Turn right side out to wear.

***Others have said they thought it better to do the side seams first and then #2 and #1, you do what works best for you.

Congratulations! You just made a neck gator!

Please send your completed Neck Gators to:
Operation care Package
611 Wilcox St.
Joliet, IL 60435

They will be included in care packages to our Military.


2 yards of 60" stretch fleece will make nine GATOR NECK WARMERS.
Many fabric stores will give a discount if it's not on sale, when told about the project. Color should be dark tan, taupe, khaki or Black for Army. You do not need to buy it in 2 yard increments if you plan to make in quantity. Buy by the bolt and work from there.
With fabric still folded in half as it comes off the bolt, cut through both layers 10 inches from the fold. This will cut the 60 inch material into three 20 strips. Now cut every 24 inches down, making 20x24 squares. You can choose how you prefer to do the cutting. This is just a guide.

Step One:
Sew the 24 inch sides together. This can be surged or straight stitch.
Turn and you have the tube, 24 inches long.
Now take that seam and move it to the middle when lying flat before the next step.

Step Two:
Now take the two ends that are 10 inches each now and sew them together and make that seam so it will be inside with the other seam.
That means put the non seam sides together to sew.
Now you turn and you have a finished Neck Warmer and no seams showing on the outside.

The final product should have the wide part to go over the head.

If sewing as a group, use the assembly line method from cutting to final stitching. Even have someone to turn and pass them on to the one sewing that step. USE the continuous sewing by never taking it out of the machine and add another and end with a string of your step, and someone can cut the threads apart and pass this on to the one doing the next step.
Someone can be at the end to do the trimming of threads and stack. Some people help that do not sew.
For anyone doing them individually, follow the same method. It's much faster.

For gators to wear in summer months to protect from sand, use t-shirt type material. Same info for colors.
If at all possible, choose fire resistant fabric.