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Campaign Dates
February 2, 2006 - Ongoing

Our Goal


Donations To Date
Feb. 21, 2016
61, 500 Stamps
Thank you to all schools, individuals and groups for your support!

Here is a chance for all of us to help ensure that no "Hero" serving our Nation goes without mail.

Since we rely on the generosity of Patriotic Americans, we are asking if you would consider donating one First Class Stamp, to be used for Postage for Cards, Letters, and Care Packages.

Due to the large numbers of Troops and Units signing up to receive Care Packages from our Program, it has become increasingly difficult to meet our weekly shipping costs.

Schools, Groups, Businesses, and Individuals can participate.

Our Goal

One Million Stamps!

FlagStamp.gif FlagStamp.gif FlagStamp.gif


Please send one First Class Stamp in an envelope and mark "STAMPS" on the outside.

Peel and stick stamps are preferable, but any type is appreciated.

PLEASE, do not hesitate to send "just one" stamp.

One stamp sends a card or letter to an injured Serviceperson.

One stamp can make a world of difference to a deployed Soldier who hasn't received any mail.

Mailing Address

Operation Care Package
P.O. Box 175 / 120 Jessie St.
Manhattan, IL. 60442

815-693-3215 - Debbie
815-671-9357 - Trisha


Thank you for your interest in Supporting Our Troops.

Let's all make a difference.

One Stamp At A Time!