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The following is a list of items needed to fill our care packages.


Protien Bars * Batteries * Jerky

COFFEE, Ground, any size singles to large cans or bags

Pre-sweetened powdered Kool-aid, Gatorade

Ziplock Bags ~ Quart ~ Sandwich ~ Snack ~ Gallon

Kool aid singles or similar, Hot chocolate, hot cider packets

Jerky, Slim Jims, Summer Sausage, Beef Sticks

Canned Fruit, Dried Fruit, Fruit Snacks

Canned Hearty Soup, Ravioli, Stew

Cup A Soup, Top Ramon, Dinty Moore

Trail Mix, Nuts, Sunflower Seeds

Pre-Packaged Cookies

Instant Oatmeal, Boxed Cereal

Easy Mac & Cheese, Microwave Popcorn

Canned Tuna, Chicken
Cigars & Chew

Peanut Butter / Jelly (No Glass Please)

Small boxes of crackers

Muti-Vitamins, Tylenol, Foot Powder, Anti-fungal cream




We would greatly appreciate donations of new and refurbished laptops,
or used laptops in good condition, which would be sent
to deployed troops who request them.


Special Wants

Small Personal or Desk Fans, Hand & Foot warmers

Hot Plates, Small Coffee Grinder

Twin Sheet Sets, Pillow cases, Travel Size Pillows

Cool Scarves, Jogging Pants, Cool Max T-Shirts

Wash Cloths and Bath Towels

Flashlights, Headlamps, Leatherman

On occassion we get requests for Musical Instruments

such as Guitars & Harmonicas.

Guitars can be used but in good condition please

New or Good Condition Books, No Romance Please

Mystery, Western, Thriller, Sports, Inspirational

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SuperBowl Sunday

Help us give them a day every American Loves

Footballs, Nerf Balls, Sports Related Items

New Football or Sports Magazines

Salsa - no glass jars please, Totilla Chips

Summer Sausage, Small boxes of crackers

Cheese - Non refrigerated

Plastic Football Bowls for chips, Football Napkins

Football Sports Flags or Banners

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Men's Deodorant, Shave Cream, Foot Powder, odor eaters

Jel insoles, Foot Creams, Antibiotic creams, Heat

Small size shampoos, conditioner, mouthwash

Floss, lip balm, toothpaste, toothbrushes, nail clippers,

Tide travel size (1 Load) liquid detergent

Sunblock, Mosquito repellant, Fly tape

Wet Wipes, Anti-bacterial liquid soap

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New/Used DVDs / CDs

Puzzle Books, Pads of paper, Long Envelopes

Qt. / Gal Zip Lock Bags

Hand Held Games, Hand held Mini fans, Misters

Batteries AA/ AAA

Cards games...UNO, Skip Bo,

Yahtzee, Board Games

Sports equipment, Hacky Sacks

X-Box & PS2 Games

Mens White/Black Crew/ Work socks

Under Armour Wear T-Shirts Sm., Med., Lg., Xlg.

Thongs, Shave towels, wash cloths, Cool scarves

Sun glasses, Safety glasses, Gloves, 72" boot laces

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Holiday Needs

Summer sausage, Canned Ham (Sm.)

Pre-packaged Cookies, Hot Chocolate, Coffee

Cigars, chew, i-tunes gift cards

Any small musical instruments

Chocolate Candy, Hard Candy,

Handmade or mini ornaments

Small 18-22 inch Christmas Trees (Artificial)

New or Handmade Blanket Throws

Cards & letters of support

Hand made kids pictures/ letters

Small un-wrapped gifts

Homemade / bought stockings / Mini or regular size

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For The Kids

School supplies, pads of paper, pencils, kids scissors, glue

crayons, small kids backpacks, erasers


Please - good condition on any used items

Drop Off Locations